Getting StartedGuidelines on how to set up your development environment and start processing card transactions using Worldnet Payments.

There are different integration types depending on your needs. The more common integration types are:

Online / E-commerce

Transactions performed using ecommerce platforms like WooCommerce, Magento or Shopify. We offer plugins that help you integrate easily with the most common platforms. If you’re building an enterprise solution, our REST API can be used for complex integrations. We also offer the Hosted Pages solution, which allows you to simply create a payment page that you can add in an iframe.

In-store / Unattended Retail

For in-store solutions, you can check out the POS Websockets documentation with information about how to integrate with different card readers from IDTech, Ingenico, PAX and BBPos. These are mostly used for cardholder present solutions and also for unattended vending solutions like arcade games, vending machines, laundromats, etc.

Mobile Payments

If you require payments on-the-go, you can check out the mPOS SDK documentation with information about how to integrate with different card readers. This solution is perfect for merchants that require mobile payments with different methods: EMV chip, Swipe or Contactless.

Advanced Solutions

No integration is too complex. If you have a unique problem or have a specific integration question, please contact our team so we can determine the best solution for you. If you're building a custom solution our REST API can be used for more advanced integrations.

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Franchise or Multiple Stores?

If you are a franchise or an ISO and need to create multiple terminals and users, you can use the Boarding API. The Boarding API enables you to automate the boarding of merchant accounts, terminals and users, you can also group them by region or relationship manager. This is the perfect solution if you need to create multiple stores.

Sandbox Access

A sandbox account is used to test basic integration with our payment gateway. These accounts (one per currency) are publically available on our test host and can be used without requesting access from Worldnet.

Sandbox Accounts

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