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What is a sandbox

The Worldnet sandbox is a shared testing account where you can validate the initial phases of your integration. These accounts (one per currency) are publically available on our test host and they provide very basic functionality and no access to the back-end ‘Merchant Selfcare’

What can you test

Sandbox accounts provide the ability to perform basic sales and refunds through our test host with any of the three integration methods, including DCC. In order to be able to test pre-authorisations, completions, SecureCard functionality, subscriptions, unreferenced refunds or any other feature or currency, you must request a full test account by e-mailing In order to test a Hosted Payment Page customization you need to obtain access to a full test account first.

API Keys & Account Details

Sandbox EU (ID: 4479)

Merchant API Key:


Terminal 4479001 (EUR)
Processor: Elavon
Secret: mySharedSecretEUR
Shopify Password: ed37a5b1f9e218535cf83355d9b03140beac9ec51b0387058245f242fe932460

Terminal 4479002 (GBP)
Processor: Elavon
Secret: mySharedSecretGBP
Shopify Password: de589403b49f2c42c34d71d1190298de04db159cc8196f3d9bd467c82636d24d

Sandbox US (ID: 4480)

Merchant API Key:


Terminal 4480001 (USD)
Processor: FDRC
Secret: mySharedSecretUSD
Shopify Password: 67f086ed8509a0c5fdaa64bd110a65087a0d9d0c2a5bdd15cd6370e46d914273

API Keys are only relevant for REST API integrations.

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